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Our expert engineers have experience in all aspects of Audio Engineering.  Live Sound Production. Live Broadcast Engineering.  Audio Recording and Editing.  As well as  consulting for installations of all types of audio systems.

Mobile Digital Recording


Paradise Audio Services has over 30 years experience in all aspects of recording, editing and producing audio products.  Specializing in live recording we create accurate, clean and well balanced recordings for CD or Live Broadcasts. 

Audio Equipment Rentals


Paradise Audio Services has the right audio gear for your event, whatever the size. Everything you may need from a wireless mic to a few speakers on poles to a full concert system.  Quality gear for a reasonable price. 

About the Owner


Kyle Porter

Hi my name is Kyle Porter, owner of Paradise Audio Services.  I am a 1995 graduate of the Recording Arts Program at CSU Chico.  I have been mixing and recording music since 1988.  I currently am head engineer for KZFR and North Valley Productions shows locally.  I provide equipment and engineering for many local shows and festivals in Northern California. Presently I provide equipment and engineering for High Sierra Music Festival, Strawberry Music Festival, CA Worldfest, Sisters Folk Festival, Wildflower Music Festival, CA Nut Festival and Gold Nugget Days in Paradise, Lost Sierra Hoedown, Plumas Arts Council and many more.

I am the archivist for shows at the Sierra Nevada Big Room, and have worked on their PBS broadcast series "Sierra Center Stage."   I also do audio for another local PBS programs "Banana Grape Stomp" & "Music Gone Public"

I work as a live FM radio simulcast engineer for KZFR, KVMR, Sierra Nevada Big Room, Grizzly Radio @ High Sierra, Hog Ranch Radio @ Strawberry, as well as other festivals in northern California.  I also participate as a programer on KZFR doing the "Creole Stomp" show on Wednesday nights.

I own an EAW LA Series sound system that can sufficiently cover an audience up to 1500 people.  With two 32 channel digital mixers front of house and monitors I can provide up to 12 separate monitor mixes on stage.  I own a nice variety of microphones and DI boxes along with top quality stands and cables.  Paradise Audio Services has plenty of gear and resources to handle most all event riders and performances.

Campfire Productions

Mobile Recording, Editing, Mastering and CD Production Services.  I have been recording, mastering and producing commercial CD's since 1995.  I have worked with Festival Live CD productions producing live on site Live recordings for High Sierra Music.  I have  been producing summer camp song CD's for various camps since 1995.  Camps include: Waltons Grizzly Lodge, Camp Kenolyn, Camp Tawonga, Snow Mountain Camp here in Northern California.  Other Artists I have worked with recording releases are Marcia Ball, Magic Slim, Huey Lewis, Honkytonk Homeslice, Blue Dawgs, Yarmony Grass Festival and many more.  

Equipment List

Rental Equipment


Behringer X32

Behringer X32 Rack

Mackie 1604 VLZ

Samson 8ch


2-EAW LA325 Tops (2-15" 2-7" 1-2")

2-EAW LA215  Tops/Mons 15"x 2" tweeter

2-EAW LA128 Dual 18 Subs

2-EAW SB330 Single 18 Subs

1-Renkus Heinz 15" Horn loaded Sub

8-QSC K12.2 Active Monitors

2-Ramsa WP 200A 12"x 1 3/4 tweeter


2-QSC PLX3400

2-QSC PLX3002

2-Behringer Europower2500


8- Shure SM58

5-Shure SM57

4-Nakamichi CM300

1-Sennheiser MD421 U5

2-Shure SM-7

2-Sennheiser e835

2-Behringer C2 Condenser Mics

1-Sennheiser e609

1-Shure Beta52

1-Shure Beta91a

1-Shure PG52

3-Shure PG56

1-Audix OM2

1-EV N/D767

3- ATM 350 clip on condensers

1-Shure SLX wireless SM58 or SM86

1-Shure SLX PG32 Headset & Pack

1-Sennheiser GW100 wireless 


1-32X8  100'

1-16x4 100'

2-8x0 50'

1-12x0 50'

1-Cat6 shielded 250' digital

Processing Gear

1-Ashly GQX 3102 Graphic EQ

1-Rane ME60 Graphic EQ

1- Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ62

1-DBX 266XL Comp/Gate

1-TC Electronics One Reverb Dual Ch.

1-StudioQuad 4ch Multi Effects

1-DBX Driverack PA

AC 240 volt 50amp Distro System  75' feeder cable


4-Chauvet Par56 Rain LED

4-Chauvet SlimPar64 LED

4-LED Slim Par64

4- 12' poles

4-7' poles

1-30watt FM Radio Transmitter


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